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Thread: How to move projects from a PC to another one ?

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    Question How to move projects from a PC to another one ?

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    Hi guys
    I have bought a hard-disk to copy all my projects becouse soon I will change my pc but here's the question :
    How can I save all my projects safely ? How would you do that ?
    I have thought to copy my projects into the hdd and then copy them back into the new pc but what about the plugins ?
    I don't have anymore the installers of all my plugins , is enough to copy just the .dll ? I think I will lose the libraries ..
    Or if I install the same plugin but maybe it's older/updated it will still replace the one I had into the project ? With the same settings ?
    I'm a bit confused on how to move everything from a pc to another one
    Thank you

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    you should use the migrate hard drive feature to copy all of your data from one drive to another. You should also consider whether you really need to upgrade the os or if you can run from the current version on the new machine
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    some VST .dll's will work without their installers, but a lot of them won't. so you can't just copy them over. there are usuallyl registry setting that link the library files to the .dll files.

    you should spend the time to get the installers you are missing. you'll need them.

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