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Thread: A few Reason 5 questions, (importing a capellas, sampling, etc..) Thanks

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    A few Reason 5 questions, (importing a capellas, sampling, etc..) Thanks

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    I'm currently using Reason 5 been using Reason for some time, mostly to create original music. But now there are other things I want to do.

    I want to take a song, say a Nas a-capellas that's 4 minutes long. I want to import that entire song in Reason and add sounds to it, like making my own remix. Is that possible in Reason and how do I get my loops to stay on time with it?

    If its not possible in Reason what software y'all use to make remixes? Keep in mind i'm not taking a rappers vocals and putting it on a sample. I'm taking their vocals and playing my own original music on it, so i'm sure those dj software apps don't go for what i'm trying to do.

    Also a big reason I love Reason is some of my drum refills, especially my goldbaby mpc vol.1! I would like to use a daw and vsts, but I just haven't been able to duplicate the good drum hits I get from my goldbaby refill. Is there away without rewiring I can get my goldbaby sounds into another drum machine? I got goldbaby's wav kits and several other drum kits but its crap clicking on 000.4 second files, i can't tell what sound is coming out. I don't like rewire because with Tracktion I can rewire a track then when i listen to the mp3 its all off time.....i don't know why it comes off beat on the mp3 but it played fine while listening. plus with rewire I may want to use 4 drum tracks, so I have to save all 4 drum tracks as individual midi files?? all that rewire stuff has been a headache for me with Reason.

    What's the quickest way to sample my own music in Reason? Say I play a string section and throw a piano in there, now I want to take that 4 bar loop and sample it, do I have to save the 2 tracks as a song, then load it from the nnxt or something?

    One last question sometimes I may freestyle a few bars (say on piano) in Reason. The only part I want to keep might be from the :006 to :009 but it may only let me select and copy from :004 to :008 or :010, hope you understand what i'm saying, it only lets me highlight after I guess the even measures to copy, but it maybe a clip from an odd or even measure i want to copy or mute, but it only lets me copy by bars rather than the actually clip I want. Is there a way behind that?


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    for getting the vocal in to Reason; Create a NNXT, Click the drop down in the bottom left hand corner, next, click the FOLDER icon on the panel that pops out. browse to the vocal file you want to use. once imported into the NNXT you have to play the root key which is usually C1 on your Midi Controler. Getting it on time is a matter of WHEN you press the key to make it in-sync with the rest of the Rhythm.
    That's when your DJ skills come into play!

    I can't say that I truly understand your last question, I think what you want is to double click on the clip?
    that will take you into THE EDITOR (Reason's Piano Roll)

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    Don't use reason for vocals. look into another DAW program if you really must. NNXT was designed for resampling. which means it's specifically made for maniuplating sounds to create a new ones. Not adding vocals and timing with your DJ skills to put it on tempo lol. If you REALLY don't want to conform to a new DAW, then get Recycle (made by Propellerhead). It Allows you to convert (as well as chop up/edit) any WAV into a REX files..which is compatible with reason Dr.Rex or Dr.OctoRex depending on which reason your using.

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    @Richie09 - get reason 6 and you can do what you like with importing audio clips.

    Your other problem is one of switching of the snap to grid option or changing your snap to value to something smaller than a bar.
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    Find your end point, use the razor to cut it there.
    Discard what you don't want/need (select and delete key).
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