Hi all,

I just wanted to ask you if you have some experience in using Python (or other programming languages) for digital audio processing? As I am interested in that field I recently began exploring the topic, below my findings:

YouTube -> very good lecture for the introduction and better understanding of how Python and generally a computer reads the audio input

YouTube -> also cool lecture with basics as well as interesting part regards convolution reverb

Tutorial — librosa 0.7.0rc1 documentation -> one of the libraries you can use for audio processing, I checked for example that it can detect tempo as well as change the pitch and , in general, it works

Audio and Digital Signal Processing(DSP) in Python – Python For Engineers -> an article that shows how to create a basic sine wave and store it as audio, then add another sine wave and filter it out

If you have some other interesting readings/lectures let me know, I would be happy to know more what can we do with audio in Python.