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Thread: Weird Adobe Audition VST Plug In Problem

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    Weird Adobe Audition VST Plug In Problem

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    Hi everyone, I am in a conundrum of sorts with Adobe Audition and some VST plugins.
    After adding a new plug in I removed a folder listed in the plug in manager (not the actual folder just the "shortcut" displayed in the manager ).
    Now when I open any saved .sesx file
    1)Effects racks for third party plugins are missing... native effect racks are fine
    2) the third party VST plugins (once reloaded) no longer show my saved custom effect settings on the drop down menu, only default.
    3) the submenu for effects is now reorganized into effect categories (EQ, Mastering, Reverb etc) with multiple third party plug in s now distributed across those submenus.
    Prior to the folder shortcut removed, submenus were divided under the VST, VST3 by brand (Goodhertz, etc).

    Screenshot shows the current state of the effects menu.


    I rescanned and re-added the prior folder to see if settings would restore to no avail.

    It's a weird problem to research and haven't been able to find any relevant results on my own so I'm bringing it here in hopes that someone else has run in to this and found a solution. Thanks !

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    You removed the data that allows the program to "remember" where settings are stored. You might have to do an entire reinstall (I hope not). Is everything backed-up in multiple locations?

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