Hi guys, one of our sound engineers wrote up this great short how-to that's super crucial for anyone starting to produce. This is our first post in our how-to series, you can follow all of our how-to posts Here.

Tuning a Snare in FL Studio
Often times when you are producing a beat, the melody will sound great but it is hard to find the right
note for your snare (or any drums). Most of the time this is because the snare sample you are using may
have its own specific pitch.

A quick remedy for this problem is tuning the snare drum. If you are encountering any problems
that I mentioned before you will want to try the following:
1. Open up the snare drum sample in the channel rack. Once that’s done you will see three tabs on
the top left of the window.

2. On the first tab and right click the audio sample. You will be given an option
to ‘Edit’. Choose that option and it will bring up the audio sample in Edison.

3, On the lowest partof the toolbar in Edison you will see an icon shaped like a flag marker. Right click this icon and
select ‘Detect Pitch Regions’, this will show you the exact pitch the sample is playing at.

4.Now to tune the note simply click the wrench icon back within the sample window. In this tab you will see a piano keyboard at the bottom of the window. This is the keyboard that tunes the pitch. Right click on the pitch you detected in Edison to tune it to that note

Now you’re all done and your snare drum should be sounding as tight as ever.