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Thread: Sampling with Maschine, advice needed

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    Sampling with Maschine, advice needed

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    Hi everyone,

    Relatively new to the maschine software but I have got as far as learning to use the sampling feature. I have a MacBook with logic and all the maschine softwares, a maschine mk2 and a numark tt USB with line out.

    Now the issue - nothing plays when I sample into maschine. The audio waves are there (admittedly quite small) but on pressing the pad I can't hear what I have recorded in from the turntable.

    The turntable is connected via USB to the mac, as is maschine. No interface. Is this the issue?

    I have researched it a lot online and some people say you can sample from the turntable to maschine without an interface, how do I do this? Is the issue I am having just a simple case of change a setting?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Yes that is the issue. To sample how you are setup you will need a program that will let you choose the computer output to sample from people use to use soundflower I belive on MACs.Look into a sound card though it will only open your options and sound quality up. digi002 black lion mod really good komplete audio 6 cost effective very capable.
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