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Thread: REAPER doesnt play the right sound??

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    REAPER doesnt play the right sound??

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    Hi Fellas,
    sorry but Im not sure where exactly I should put this question in so Im asking here.
    I have the following problem: I created a super simple beat just to try it out. (kick on one, snare on two, kick on three, snare on four)
    Very very simple.
    But when playing it and listenning to it, it plays kick on one, snares on the last three, although the little light, that shows you when which midi element is playing is showing that on the third it is supposed to be a kick. But I get the sound of a snare.
    REAPER is a great program so I dont think its a mistake from its side, could anyone tell me what Im doing wrong and how to fix it?
    Also, when I only play the kick midi part, the first kick has a different sound to the second, but all setting were let on default by me.
    If anyone knows how to fix that too Id be very grateful.
    Thanks in advance

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    How are you programming the drums? Could you post a screenshot?
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