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Thread: push the tempo.....but how!?!

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    ok so i ripped a song outta this CD coz i wanted 2 get these few words in this singers voice which i soup up on SF and eventually sequence it with other tracks on this is where the problem is...that particular song from the CD when imported into Acid is heard best @ tempo 95 while the rest of the tracks on my song are heard best at tempo 75...unfortunately since i just wanted these few words outta the song from the CD and not an entire song, i was not routed thru the beatmapper wizard so i couldnt click on "preserve pitch of song as tempo changes" or anything like that! this is where i am there a facility available on Acid thru which u can choose tempo for individual tracks?...or anything else that produces similar results?...any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated as always...cheers!
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    Use timestretch to get the vocal to sit in time with your rhythm. If the vocal is long (i.e a whole verse or something), it's probably best to chop the vocal up into seperate chunks and stretch each section seperately.
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