Hi. I have just decided to sequence my Roland jv1010 with
logic audio. I come from sequencing it with Cakewalk 6.0 so,
as you'll supose,logic users,I find some serial and basical difficulties in using it. However, although I knew it would
give me some headache I did that because my sound module
only could be edited with Sound Diver and, as you know,
Logic and Diver are good friends because they both were
written by Emagic.
The principal problem is that I cannot see the patches of my
module in Logic when I start Sound Diver, although the
supposed friendship of sound diver and logic. The steps
I have followed to do it are:
1.create a multi instrument and assignate it to my module's port.2.open it and select a number of bank target to copy.
3.click on the down oriented arrow and select update with autolink.
With this steps I can see one of my six banks. When I repeat this operation with other banks it loads me always
the same banks. What can I do?