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Thread: Best DAW for EDM

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    1+ for Cubase you can find free EDM Templates for example here: YouTube

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    There are 5 daws that are ideal.
    Protools,Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio & Reason.
    Producer since 2010.
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    They all work, and if you notice there are going to be opinions all over, but certain DAW names will pop up.
    Don't pay attention to much to the people that answer with absolute certainty.
    Any music can be made on any DAW. Familiarity is going to be the driving reason a certain DAW will be their favorite in many cases.
    Some are better out of the box due to built in synths, samplers, and what not. So if you need built in instruments your field is narrowed.
    However you could also use a bare bones DAW with separate vst instruments, and then the field is unlimited.

    Every daw works a little different from the next. Find one that works the way you think, so you're not spending too much time thinking about how to make it work.

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    It really is based on preference.
    I started out using FL studio for lots of years, and then transitioned to Ableton Live.
    I'm producing trap, with a few characteristics from the dubstep and future bass genre. I really like ableton because the workflow is so great. Another thing that I like in Ableton is its stock plugins.
    I have more than 10K worth of plugins, including the full wave mercury package, fabfilter bundle, etc. And I still find myself using the glue compressor, or ableton stock distortion and OTT for some things.

    Also the warp mode in Ableton is superior, if you like vocal slices/chops.
    I think FL Studio could get quite confusing, where Ableton assigns each track to its own channel. Also the automation is superior. In FL Studio it's external.
    This means that in EDM where automation is a big part, there will be like hundred of tracks with pure automation. Where in Ableton and Logic the automation is within the track itself.

    Hope this helps ya.
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