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Thread: Ableton + Minilogue MIDI issues.

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    Ableton + Minilogue MIDI issues.

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    Hi everyone, the following issue is proving to be a real nightmare, hope someone out there can help! Minilogue/Ableton owners, please hear me. I can't seem to do 2 things:

    Firstly, and most importantly: I'm perfectly synced, using Ableton's clock to control the Minilogue. The Minilogue's internal sequence plays. However, I can't play any MIDI notes inside the clip. Nothing. After about 10 minutes of fiddling yesterday, I was somehow able to get both the internal sequence + the input MIDI notes to trigger together inside Ableton. This did not last very long, and I can't get back to this state of things.

    Second: the Local SW somehow doesn't work. Or, it does, but the double-triggering is happening inside Ableton when an internal sequence plays, despite the Minilogue's keyboard being disabled in the OFF position. (I suspect the problem is elsewhere... because in a MIDI track the stutter is about 2ms, while in an Audio track, it's a little more). Interestingly, it does send the sequence midi/audio, but will not send the notes. So the most I got out of Ableton was a double-triggered Minilogue internal sequence.

    I don't know what else to do... I really don't. Just for your information, my audio input + output are both set to my interface (the Clarett), and I'm attaching a pic of my MIDI settings for reference. If there are any Minilogue+Ableton users out there, your help would be a godsend! Thanks!
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    If I understood correctly, try to create midi track with minilogue external, but monitors set to auto. I want to have one track only for both audio in and midi out for minilogue too.

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