SampleTank 3 CS “Custom Shop” for Mac/PC now offers musicians a free and fully functional version of SampleTank 3! With SampleTank 3 CS, you'll have a standalone player, sound editing workstation and DAW plug-in for the SampleTank 3 add-on Instrument Collections with the play, edit and mix functionality of SampleTank 3. Plus, SampleTank 3 CS lets you import legacy Powered by SampleTank instrument collections and other samples. Get the full experience of SampleTank 3 with all of its power and features!

Now with SampleTank 3 CS, you have the ability and freedom to experiment with a fully functional curated library of 30 high-quality instruments that illustrate SampleTank 3’s broad sonic versatility. SampleTank 3 CS is a fully functional version of SampleTank 3 with 30 editable instruments, 1.8GB of samples, 81 MIDI patterns and 2 loop construction kits. You can play and edit these instruments to match your creative musical personality in the Edit section. You can run samples through a chain of filters , LFOs and even envelopes to perform everything from minor tweaks to intense sound manipulation.

Other than being FREE, one of the best features about SampleTank 3 CS is that you can expand your sonic universe! With SampleTank 3 CS, you’ll have full access to diversify your instrument collection with titles like Art Deco Piano, American Acoustic, Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and more, all available for purchase starting for as low as $/€29.99! Plus, you can import and employ sound samples from legacy, 32-bit IK libraries such as SampleMoog, Sonik Synth and SampleTron into SampleTank 3 CS. Legacy libraries such as the Xpansion Tank series are also easily imported into the contemporary 64-bit architecture found in SampleTank 3 CS. You can even import your own sound samples and incorporate them into a modern production workflow, featuring full editing and effects manipulation for further creative sound design and exploration, found only in SampleTank 3!

SampleTank 3 CS is your gateway to the ever expanding sonic universe of SampleTank 3. Download SampleTank 3 CS from the product page or from your User Area.