S1MidiTrigger now supports iRing
The first third-party app to directly support iRing

S1MidiTrigger, a powerful MIDI controller app developed by Miura Acoustic, applauded as "Killer app" by Apps4 iDevices, added support for iRing in the latest update 4.2.0 of its iPad version. S1MidiTrigger is the first third-party app that directly supports iRing.

With S1MidiTrigger app, you can play MIDI instruments and control other MIDI devices or DAW software. Don't worry if you don't have the best musical skills! With S1MidiTrigger, it's very easy to just tap some pads to play simple notes or even complete chords. Also you can use it as DJ controller or DAW control surface as it supports to send not only MIDI note events but also MIDI control changes. Additionally, the latest update support new feature that you can group several knobs or faders and control them in one action!

Watch the demo video:

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