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Thread: For Musicians and Performers, iRig Mic HD is Great!

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    For Musicians and Performers, iRig Mic HD is Great!

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    For Musicians and Performers, iRig Mic HD is Great!'s Gadget Greg reviews IK's digital microphone for mobile devices

    Here are some quotes from "Gadget Greg" Gazin's review of iRig Mic HD on

    “For musicians and performers, this is a great little mic giving you the ability to capture high definition digital audio without the loss of quality of other analog options offering an impressive 44.1/48 kHz sample rate and a built-in low noise high-definition preamp, powered by the host device."

    "It’s also an excellent choice for mobile podcasters and ENG folks for the same reasons.”

    “It has nice a sleek steel body which fits really nicely into your hand. I like the feel of the iRig Mic HD. It’s comfortable to hold.”

    “What I like about the detachable cable option is that it gives you flexibility to use iRig Mic HD with various devices. And in the event that the cable becomes frayed, it’s easily changeable without having to buy a whole new microphone. What I also like is that, to ensure your cable doesn’t attach during performance, it has a thread-mount adapter, which allows your cable to stay snugly attached to the microphone.”

    Read the review of iRig Mic HD from

    Learn more about mobile recording and broadcasting with IK Multimedia's iRig Mic HD.
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