MacWorld: "The iLoud is slam-dunk choice!"
"It's Portable and Impressive"

have reviewed iLoud in their August 2014 UK edition and were highly impressed by its power and portability.

Here some of their key comments:

"The iLoud packs 40 total watts of power across four class-D amplifiers, giving it a lot more oomph than many comparable portable speakers offer."

"The iLoud is designed for use as a portable monitor, so it offers a level of accuracy you donít usually find in a portable Bluetooth speaker."
"Dedicated tweeters offer precise, clear highs, midrange is strong without dominating, and the tight, present bass extends to lower frequencies than I expected."

MacWorld's final conclusion is: "For a portable speaker, itís impressive. If youíre looking for a great portable Bluetooth speaker, the iLoud fits the bill ... for a musician in search of a portable studio monitor, the iLoud is a slam-dunk choice."

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