iLounge: iRig Voice Delivers Crisp Sound Quality!
Jesse Hollington's review of IK's new microphone and EZ Voice app

Here are quotes from Jesse Hollington's review of IK's new iRig Voice microphone and the EZ Voice app on

“…what iRig Voice does deliver is quite respectable for the price point. The sound quality is crisp, and as the name implies, the mic is clearly tuned and focused for vocal performance, particularly excelling at close voice pickup in standard vocal frequency ranges while minimizing background noise and distortion.”

"iRig Voice is a good mic for the price. But what you’re really getting in this package is not only a good microphone, but an optimized iOS user experience, both in terms of the audio engineering as well as features such as the 3.5mm port and the pass-through headphone port. The microphone market is very mature at this point, with a lot of good microphones available at similar or even slightly lower price ranges, but many of them don’t come with iOS-compatible ports or gain levels that are well-adjusted for iOS device input. iRig Voice provides users with what is essentially a plug-and-play solution for getting started with vocals on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch at a price that’s very reasonable for the quality it offers.”

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