GeekDad: iLoud Bluetooth Speaker Is Clearly Great!
Chuck Lawton's review of IK's new portable studio monitor

iLoud Bluetooth Speaker
Is Clearly Great!

My initial impression was incredible. The iLoud is the clearest bluetooth speaker Iíve ever heard. Music sounded incredibly similar to the reference monitors I use in my studio.

The engineers at IK thoughtfully included an iRig circuit in the iLoud. So not only can you fill a room with music from your iPhone, you can also plug in a guitar and loop the signal through AmpliTube on iOS and use the iLoud as an extremely portable guitar amp. And man, does it sound good. As I do whenever reviewing IKís music gear, I fired up AmpliTube, plugged in my Fender Stratocaster and dial in a classic Twin Reverb patch. Closing my eyes and noodling around, I could have sworn I had a miniature Twin sitting right in front of me.
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