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Thread: Whats the difference between these?

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    Whats the difference between these?

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    I am in the market for a DJ controller but i keep running into the following issue:

    1. Some come with a built in sound card.
    2. Some don't.

    I don't understand the difference as at the end of the day, both have to be connected to a Laptop (Which already has a sound card).

    I would assume that any DJ controller without a sound card should be fine. What's the point of putting a sound card in a DJ controller anyways if you laptop has one built in.

    So what's the difference between both of these? I'm confused

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    Not all laptops / computers have the optimal sound card needed to run a mixer. Most of the time, laptops will only have basic sound cards. Having a sound card built into your mixer alleviates a decent amount of CPU usage from mixing multiple audio tracks and can make your mixes run smoother.

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