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Thread: What Should I Do for Reducing Peak ??

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    What Should I Do for Reducing Peak ??

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    The track has a part which is around -6db peak (other parts are around -8db) and when I put a limiter , only this part goes quiet or distort. What should I do? compressor? limiter?

    This part has a synth and it's the highest note of that area.

    Thanks in advance

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    If you recorded live instruments your at the mercy of adjusting your compressor accurately to reduce the sound. If you used drum samples, loops, etc... you should be able to go back into the program the track was made in and lower the volume there as a start. Then apply your compressors as needed to reduce the peaking sounds.

    When your sounds are too 'hot' your limited on how you can work with them. And lower volumes can be made louder usually without too much trouble.

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