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Thread: What MIDI keyboard to choose? Help for a beginner

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    What MIDI keyboard to choose? Help for a beginner

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    Hello, I've been making rap music for a year now but I only rapped, now I wanna get into production. I want to buy a MIDI Controller and my budget is about 120$ (or 500zł, I live in Poland). As I've said, I want to make hip hop, mostly sampled so drum pads are important to me. I'm conflited between a few products:
    1. M-Audio Oxygen 25 (I really like the full sized keys, knobs and all of that, but I'm a bit afraid that the pads will be bad)
    2. LPK 25 + MPD 218 combo (would be really nice, but also a bit more expensive than the rest)
    3. Akai MPK Mini (I don't like the mini keys and I don't need mobility that much but I've heard a lot of good things about it)
    4. Alesis V49 (Also afraid of drum pads and I don't know if I need all 49 keys if I'm doing mostly sampled stuff)

    I'm most conviced towards the MPD and LPK combo. And I don't have a local shop anywhere in reasonable distance, I live in Poland so it's pretty poor out here.

    Thanks for your help in advance ;)

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    What is your playing level when it comes to making music?

    Instead of Akai, look into Korg, Novation, etc.
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