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Thread: Wanna start making beat (help)

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    I don't agree with learning music theory.
    I is nice to have but there are a lot of other ways of achieving the same outcome, It may sometime be faster as well with all this technology around.
    You will need a DAW so research and see what works for you, I know Ableton Live 9 like the back of my hand and love this DAW. I'v tried Studio One, FL Studio, Cubase, Bitwig and Pro Tools but i keep going back to Ableton live 9.
    Get yourself some hardware, I love midi controllers and can't have enough of them. I am currently using a Maschine Studio, Novation Launchpad, Novation Launch Controller XL with a Presonus Faderport and hope to start building my own controller soon.
    Its all about feeling comfortable with your equipment and spend ALOT of time learning your software, vsts and gear.

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    After trying out various softwares, i've come to the conclusion that no one software can be recommended, it really is a choice of which one one can get used to and produce better results, regardless of recommendations. So i would suggest that you try out a variety of these beat making softwares, many of them do offer a free trial to see which one fits your needs - you can check and read a bit about some of the industry's recommend here

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