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Thread: Using SP 404 for beats alongside hardware synths live??

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    Using SP 404 for beats alongside hardware synths live??

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    I'm wanting to start doing some live sets with my hardware setup, is the any way of syncing the MIDI of my SP 404 up with my synths (a microbrute and a korg volca bass)?

    I want to be able able to play drum loops from the SP 404 alongside the synths, but I dont want them to gradually go out of time as the loops repeat, or to be out of time because I've pressed the pad at the wrong second.

    Basically I want to be able to use my Sp 404 as a drum machine, with beats and drum loops I have loaded onto it, is there any way of utilising the MIDI to ensure it is neatly in time? Or am I going to have to just get a drum machine?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    A drum machine or other MIDI clock device with MIDI Out and one of these might do what you are looking for: MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru | Sweetwater

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    Yeah, as rhythmgj said you'll need something that can output MIDI clock - all your current gear only has MIDI inputs. I guess theoretically you could make use of the Microbrute sequencer and CV output, but it's not really a solution here.
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