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Thread: what's with the euro racks?

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    what's with the euro racks?

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    Do you guys get into it? Is it actually more versatile? I already have a Korg MicroKorg synth and was curious if I'm missing something regarding euro racks?

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    It depends on how much you like tweaking hardware synths, usually with no keyboard, and how much money you want to spend.

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    Well, it's very different - it's extremely versatile in the sense that the system can be as small or as big as your finances permit, every single component can be whatever you want and you can patch it up in a myriad of ways simply not possible with a fixed-architecture "normal" synth - but on the other hand, replicating the functionality of, say, that humble MicroKorg would be surprisingly hard to do on a modular system. Apples & oranges. I haven't gotten into it because I know it'd eat up every penny I have, but I have a lot of friends with more or less sprawling walls of Eurorack in their studios – yeah, it's definitely inspiring in a whole another way than traditional synths. Of course, most people aren't fully into one or the other - as said, they don't replace one another as such. Def something to try out, I'd say

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