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Thread: Sound Modules no sound from main outs ...only headphone jacks?

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    Sound Modules no sound from main outs ...only headphone jacks?

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    I recently added the Triton Rack and Fantom XR to my previously all digital I also got the Midisport 4x4 midi interface to sequence in Cubase 5...I'm using the Radium 49 as my controller (not via USB) I'm going midi out of the Radium into midi in of the Midisport. Then midi out of the Midisport into Midi In of the Sound Modules. Then I have the stereo outputs of each module going into an analog Yamaha mixer. I can tell I successfully setup the midi because the Radium triggers the modules through Cubase 5 and the Midisport and you can hear it through the headphone jacks in both modules... but Im getting no audio signal in the mix

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    Anything panned funny? Have you read the manual, looking for any possible obscure set-up processes?

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