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Thread: Sequencer & Sampler Help....???

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    Sequencer & Sampler Help....???

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    Major Newbie here...

    1. Whats the biggest difference between a Sampler and a Step Sequencer...???

    There are ALL-IN-ONE solutions. And than, there are some gear that is strictly just for Sampling...OR...Step Sequencing.

    2. Should I get a all-in-one solution OR go separate...???

    To make it even more complicated...There is also the choice of going either Hardware...OR...Software.

    1. Whats the advantages & cons of hardware VS software...? Or is it simply a matter of preference and workflow...?

    I also see 'old skool' 'analog looking' hardware samplers/sequencers that are "racked spaced" and have a couple pads/knobs (EMU etc.).

    And than there are the 'new skool' type hardware that is all MIDI based and can create its own sounds too...BUT...has more knobs and controls for functionality/versatility (Akai MPC, Ableton PUSH, NI Maschine, Roland, Korg etc.).

    1. Should I go old skool or new skool hardware...??? The old skool looks too complicated and 'dinosaur looking'.

    Most DAW's come with software samplers and sequencers installed already. (EXS24, UltraBeat, Simpler/Sampler etc.)

    And than...there are also 3rd party VST plugin Samplers and Sequencers also. (Battery, Kontakt, Halion, Kong etc.)

    1. What are the advantages of going with 3rd party VST plugin samplers/sequencers...VS...Stock or even Hardware...???

    2. Are stock DAW samplers/sequencers...NOT as good or efficient as hardware or 3rd party VST plugins...??

    So Basically...At any given time...a producer can have anywhere from 1-2 samplers/sequencers when as a beginner...OR...upwards of 8-10 when their a "PRO"...In any combination of the above depending on their needs and workflow right...?

    Soooo many CHOICES!!!! Its really confusing.

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    Dude, it's all preference. A step sequencer is one type of sequencer, that is used to sequence sounds period. then there is the piano roll.

    Control surface:

    Midi device:

    Piano roll:

    Step sequencer:

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    A sampler can sample sounds from any source and replay them from its internal memory. A sequencer can record events into a sequence (for example a synth controlled through MIDI). They are nothing alike, however i can see the confusion because a lot of samplers (like my MPC3000) has sequencers in them. I wouldnt get a step sequencer, no point to be honest.

    the hardware vs software discussion has gone on for ages and i think you nailed the answer yourself - its up to your own workflow and preferences. Old school samplers such as the SP1200, MPC60, MPC3000 etc affect their sounds in certain ways so with old school its a trade off between sounding good and functionality.
    There are of course new hardware and some that act like MIDI controllers, like the MPC Ren (it controlls the computer basically). These hardwares will give you the workflow of hardware with the functionality of software, but it wouldnt have that "old school sound" if that whats you're after, it could however be replicated in a software.

    My main tips is: get ONE thing and learn that. Having multiple stuff you havent mastered is just gonna hinder you to be honest. Pro's have a bunch of stuff because theyre learned one thing, gotten another and learned that and after years they have a bunch of shit.

    If you want fully hardware: get the MPC2500, it has all the stuff you need inside it basically, however you probably want to bounce it to a computer later to mix etc.

    If you wanna go software any DAW works basically, i havent used em all so i wouldnt wanna pick and choose for you here (considering im hardware)

    Middleground? Maschine, MPC Ren, MPC Studio - these are all midi controllers that control DAWs.


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