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Thread: number of patterns

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    Hi, is there any limitation in the number of custom patterns that can be created and saved for later load on the electribe ES-1. Where is that data stored???, on the smartmedia card or in the machine itself???
    I use fruityloops so there is no problem on recalling my songs, they are saved on the hard disk. I would like to know if I can save my electribe patterns/songs on the hard disk of my computer.


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    i think theres about 120 patterns and you can rewrite all of them if you wanted and string together a song using how ever many patterns you want and the patterns are stored internally on the unit it self and you can record them to your computer and save it there but i have a similar kind of question....
    and maybe youve done this or know how it can be done.....ive created new patterns and im trying to get them onto my computer via the smart media card, so i dont get any recording distortion but i cant seem to write patterns or songs onto the card - everytime i perform the SAV feature it writes all the samples not the song or patterns i want.....ever tried this or know how it can be done??
    thanks for any feedback
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