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Thread: My presentation on MPC's. MPC users/enthuisasts please give feedback

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    My presentation on MPC's. MPC users/enthuisasts please give feedback

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    just wrote a litte bit about it. you can view it here if your interested, i would like it if you left me some comments after reading if i got something wrong or you know something i should add. i have to do a short 10minute presentation about a piece of technology that i like to use. it could have been anything so i chose my mpc. its not for school or anything its for a job interview so i hope its ok.

    ZohoViewer - MPC1000.doc

    let me know what you think please and any info i could add too


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    If the people you are presenting this to don't know what a sampler is then that's the first thing you should explain and in terms they can understand.

    The exercise will be more about your ability to communicate than anything else.
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