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Thread: Korg 01W / Korg X5DR Sequencing Relationship

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    Korg 01W / Korg X5DR Sequencing Relationship

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    I use a Korg 01W for sequencing tracks (400 sounds/ 16 tracks). I would like to use the Korg X5DR as my sound generator. I can get the two to recognize each other in the midi hookup, however, I have been unsuccessful in getting the X5DR sounds into the 01W sequencer tracks for recording and playback. Is there anyone who can tell me which settings to change in each unit to accomplish this? Thanks.

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    This is not going to happen, not in the sense that everything would be store on the 01/W. MIDI doesn't have much anything to do with sound, nor does it transport sound in any way - it's only control data that tells another device when to play which note, and so on. You can, however, sequence both devices on the 01/W and record their audio output to, say, a DAW (or if you just want to listen to the playback, connect them to a mixer).
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