My Mothaphuckin Gear, Im For Real,......i Got A Motif Es6 And A Mpc 2000xl , Now Ive Been Out The Game For A While, Workin Payin Billz Whateva Whateva, So I Havent Messed With My Gear For Awhile. Can Anybody Tell Me Who Has This Set Up How To Sync Them? I Know Im Doing It Right , It Been Awhile And I Done It In The Past But Now Its Giving Me ****. The Mpc Does Mmc Control To My Tascam 788 Digital Recorder. And Itll Even Sync Up When I Load Up My Old Tracks That I Made With The Mp And Motif From Back In The Days!!!

So I Know The ****s Working, I Even Tried To Build On Ol Tracks. Itll Load Em Up And Play Them And Seq Them But It Wont Let Me Do ****. **** This ! I Paid So Much Phuckin Money For This Bull****. Can Some1 Who Has This Set Up Help Me ? Mothaphucka Ill Send You 10dollaz In The Mail!lol Help Me Out.

I Read The Book , Like I Said I Did This Back In The Day.

On The Motif I Set To- Midi
Seq Control- Out
Clock Out - Off

The Mpc I Thought Was Simple Simply Set
It To The Channel A Or B That Im Using

I Dont Know **** About Nothing , Cant We All Just Get Along!