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Thread: Before buing A4000. I have some questions to ask

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    I think I have enough gears to make songs but with a sampler here in my room will be much more better.

    1> I am now focusing on A4000 but most of the ppl saying that it takes a light-year to load/read samples. It is a concern for me as I don't want to wait for a long time.

    2> BTW, the max RAM size is 128MB. Does it mean it can hold (temporary) sample/wav files more than a sound module (say CS6R or XV3080) ?

    3> Anyone can tell me about the effect of A4000 ? I got CS6R and the effect is average. HOw about the effect processor of A4000 ?

    4> Effect again ... Can I assign different effect to different samples that I've loaded. In other words, can I assign Flange to the first sample (drum loop), Phrase to second sample (Bass) and ......



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    1. they do take a while to load (longer than most), but i wouldn't worry about it!
    2. i doubt you would be able to make it into a xv3080, but you can get more than enuff samples into 128mb.
    3. the effects on yamaha samplers are a strong selling point, in my opinion. for a lot of people, the slow loading can be overlooked, for the power / flexibility of the effects processors.
    4. i believe you can set different effects on different samples.


    p.s. all this info comes from the a5000, which i am assuming is pretty much the same (maybe i should not assume things.)
    p.p.s. a lightyear is a measure of distance, not time.

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