3rd Event Technologies are proud to announce;

The new Advanced Music Construction System - WW7 workstation.

AMCS is a dedicated music production system targeted at live performance.

It is unique and features;

256 poly-loop tracks with up to 256 steps of MIDI and CD-quality audio.

Mixing with 256 customisable presets mapped to tactile controllers.

Instrument routing and stacking with extensive control of the MIDI architecture.

Everything can be used during live performances.

And much more.

The system is tough and lightweight, has a quick power up, no cooling requirement and is suitable for touring.

Supplied with a touchpad keyboard, MIDI interface and 4 gigabytes of removable storage.

Limited stock available at a reasonable price.

Please check the official website for more details and how to purchase; http://amcs.3rdevent.net/upgrade.htm

Any queries, please contact us via e-mail at contact@3rdevent.net