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Thread: Preamp advice

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    Preamp advice

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    So been looking for a preamp for a while (going to use a modded Rode NTK with NOS telefunken tube/valve).
    My hardware stack is as follows: Rode NTK into Fireface UC pre's -> DAW.

    I narrowed down my list to the following:

    BAE 1073
    UA LA-610 MKII
    UA LA-610 MKI
    UA SOLO 610
    UA M610 (the old one, tube)
    Focusrite ISA Two
    Chandler Limited Germanium Pre Amp/DI

    What would be the best bang for bucks?
    Im leaning towards the UA SOLO 610, as i hear good things about them, but the UK style BAE 1073 also looks damn good (it is a bit more expensive though).
    Preferably i want a 19" format because i hate putting things here and there.

    Any recommendations?
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    Get the UA SOLO 610, you will not be disappointed. Will have a lot of life to it

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    No dogs in that list, OP. Pick what you can afford if you can’t try ahead of time (it’s always good to preview with your own voice with a mike you know the sound of)...

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