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Thread: Planning on upgrading my monitor. Need help

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    Planning on upgrading my monitor. Need help

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    Just want to get an opinion on upgrading my monitor.

    I am using FL studio on 16:9 monitor.

    I have been considering 21:9 monitor and came across this giveaway LG UltraWide™ Festival 2018 where they are giving out lg's 21:9 ultrawide monitors.

    I will be participating but am thinking about buying one even if I don't win the contest.

    I get that they are good for timelines.

    But how good are they?

    Is it worth ditching your 16:9 monitors?

    If anyone has an experience with 21:9 monitors, please help me.

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    The wider screens do have more space for you to have to have more workflow in, but I use a smaller screen since it is right there in front of me and I don't have to go looking left or right that much at all. However I think it all comes to down to what you truly like the most.

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    Yeah. I don't think the ratio matters that much unless you're doing video stuff, as long as its big enough for you to comfortable have everything laid out as you want it. I just got a Benq PD3200U for work and can recommend it.

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