I have 6x Yamaha S115v loudspeakers I am looking to power.
Relevant Specs per Unit:
8 Ohms
250 watts at Noise
500 watts at RMS (program)
1000 watts at Peak

I am considering buying a Behringer EP4000 power amp.
Relevant Specs:
2x2000 watts at 2 Ohms
2x1400 watts at 4 Ohms
1x4000 watts at 4 Ohms (bridged)
I intend on running 3x paralleled S115v's per channel on above amp.
This will create a total of 1500 watts(rms) at an impedance of 2.66` Ohms per channel

The Question:
Will my intended setup be problematic for either the speakers and/or the amp due to non-optimized load?

Additional Info:
This rig will be used frequently for periods of 1-6 hours at a time, multiple times a week with a primary function of vocal reinforcement but occasionally mixed music as well. Prior to power amp, chain will include a Mackie 1642ZL4 mixer and an Alesis 3630 Comp/Limiter/gate.