Hello all,

After a lot of research I found these two controllers fit my budget, but really cant decide which one should I go for. I have a DSI prophet which sounds great but I never found a comfortable spot with the keys. The keys are springy, and have become squeaky. Very difficult to play when hitting the top part of a key, not great resistance. The velocity curve also is not the best. Although no regrets because it sounds awesome.

So, I played the LX61 controller at a friend's place and the keys definitely felt better than the prophet. It has synth action, full size piano style keys which felt good, and lets say spongy, on real instrument sample libraries. And it has 8 pads, knobs, faders. (Also felt the black keys to be very slightly wider, flatter than other controllers, with a matte-like finish instead of glossy, which felt good.

But I also like the Roland A-49 for its size and the d-beam which I would be much better at than tweaking a knob I feel. And it does not have pads, faders. But my big fear is that the keys look very similar to the prophet and that worries me.
This is also a synth action according to the website but is not a piano style key. Some say the keys on the A-49 are great and almost feels like semi-weighted, some say its very difficult to play when hitting the top part of a key. Again, the reviews online for both the controllers are mixed. Has anyone tried the Roland A-49?

I definitely would choose a controller with a better action and keybed irrespective of other features.

Can anyone advice please?

Thank you!