So i've been able to get pretty accurate mixes with my sennheiser headphones but i'm looking to get some monitors as a secondary reference, which i'll probably use as my main reference.

So i was wondering is it necessary to have an 8 inch woofer to get accurate bass like some say or will 4-5 inches be good enough, keep in mind this is in a average sized bedroom so it doesn't have the best accoustics aren't the best.

Also if the frequency only goes down to say 50 hz's, does that mean you won't hear bass in say the 30 hz range. My music is quite bass orientated so will it be a huge difference from a moniter that goes down to 50 hz versus one that goes down to 85 hz? I would appreciate the advice.

I'm only looking to spend about $200 so i understand i may not be able to get to picky with my options at this price range. Just looking for sound advice on a budget. thanks.