Hi all,

I'm looking for some ideas on how to improve the design of my studio. I make electronic music , electro / techno, using mostly hardware synthesizers, some hardware effects and a lot of processing plugins.

I'm currently using a classic D&R 900 console as the heart of my studio. I have it linked up to a 2 channel audio interface which is linked to Ableton running on a reasonable powerful computer (I5, 16GB RAM). When creating a new song I like to start from a jam where I sequence my synths & drum computers and manipulate them on the spot to make a track. As a result I have one mixed down track that I then need to recreate by recording layer per layer to do further processing.

This process is quite inefficient and therefore I'm considering to buy a Soundcraft Signature MTK 22 so I can immediately record into multiple tracks in ableton.

Now my questions.
Do you think I can count on a reasonable amount of latency in such a setup? I'd like to monitor through the box.
Any experience with the Soundcraft panel I mentioned?
Would changing mixer have a big impact on my sound? I've never used another mixer so I have no reference in this regard.
Do you think there are other solutions better fit for my purpose?

I know it's a lot, for those who read it, thanks :-)