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    Hello FutureProducers!

    At Distopik, we've made it possible to control analog gear over the internet. Version 2.0 of our web application launched on May 31, 2018, and we'd like to invite you to test the app for free. You can create a free trial account (all trial accounts have full premium features atm) and we promise not to spam you. We've literally only sent 2 newsletters in the last month (and we're doing just fine).

    You can find the app at

    The app still has some bugs and is missing a few features, but we're getting there. If you want to help us get stuff done faster, help us by providing us with user feedback.

    So...what is Mix:analog?
    Mix:analog is a web application that offers real-time remote control and monitoring of analog studio hardware over the internet. It connects you to our servers that have access to digitally controllable analog studio equipment and lets you control it in real-time. When you are changing the settings of the graphical user interface (GUI), you are actively commanding the the server to apply the same settings on the analog gear that is connected to it. The processed audio is streamed to your device in real-time at up to 192 kHz and up to 24-bit lossless quality.

    How is this even possible?
    We developed our own electronic components that are digitally controllable. These components can send and receive data, which can be stored on a computer device, to be used later. We’ve upgraded our gear with these components, replacing pots and switches. This also makes the save/recall feature available on any gear, modded with our parts.

    Why aren’t you using digipots?
    Digipots don’t find most use cases, because of the resistance values that they are only available at. Then, there’s also the problem with digipots not having enough voltage or current headroom for demanding circuits in e.g. tube gear. There are a few knobs where we actually could make use of the digipots, but most of the time, we use our custom electronic components.

    Are the files really processed by real analog equipment?
    Yes, they are and we're about to record a fresh behind-the-scenes video to deliver the proof. Meanwhile, you can take a look at our YouTube channel. You’ll find clips from our R&D Archives and sometimes the live-stream of our Rack1 system will be up. There's not much action (obviously), but if the blinking lights make you feel better, we'll try to keep the live-stream running.

    How to use the app:
    1. UPLOAD a file you want to process.
    2. Press PLAY and TURN THE KNOBS.
    3. LISTEN to the processed audio, while it is streamed back to you in real-time, at up to 192kHz and up to 24-bit lossless.
    4. Switch to the DOWNLOAD tab and get the file.

    List of available gear:
    - Burl B80 Mothership with BDA8 and BAD4 units
    - Distopik FC670 (Fairchild clone)
    - Distopik EQP-1A (Pultec clone)
    - Distopik Precision MEQ
    - soon Telefunken M15 (automated)
    - soon Bettermaker Mastering Limiter
    - about 8 more pieces to be added this year

    We'll be checking this thread and answering all of your questions. Cheers!

    Links will be added when we get the post count, that allows for that.
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