Any used old workstation keyboard you recommend or new ones on the market that are inexpensive. I know that we are in an age of VSTs and DAWs, but my wife prefers to be old school without a computer since we used to own lots of gear in the 90s. She wants to get back to making tracks. I'm more of a VST and DAW guy myself, but shes the more talented musician and gets stressed with latency etc...

She used to have a Motif years ago that her friend let her borrow. She liked that interface. I have been looking at Yamaha's new MX line. Any thoughts? Can you do multitrack recording with those? The Grand Piano sounds really really good and she could probably even use that on stage.

I have been so out of the loop with music making sorry guys. Anything you guys recommend for song writing, creative writing, that the sounds dont have to be too spectacular. She has bands friends to play the parts no problem.

Our bank is $200-500 used or new gear. 61 key preferred. multitrack recording. dynamic mic input. thank you