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Thread: Help for Hardware Purchase

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    Help for Hardware Purchase

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    (Please Don't hate for not 100% Good English)

    I Have a M-Audio KeyRig 49.
    And I wanted to sell it so I can buy a new MPK 61.
    But i'm starting to doubt.
    Isn't it smarter to keep my Keyrig and buy an MPD

    I live in Europe,
    I have 500 Euro
    The MPK 61 is 500 Euro, if I buy it all my money is gone.
    But if I buy an MPD 24 or MPD 32 I can also buy Monitor Speakers.

    The MPD 24 is 187.50 EURO
    The MPD 32 is 249.00 EURO

    Now my question:

    Should I buy an MPK 61 or an MPD 24 or 32 + Monitor Speakers?
    And what are the Pro's and Cons of a MPD 24
    And what are the Pro's and Cons of a MPD 32

    If the MPD 32 is really better is it worth the 61.50 EURO more?

    I'll appreciate your opinion
    Thanks Everyone
    God Bless Ya'll

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    My Speakers a Probably going to be KRK R6's 160 EURO Each!

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    I Just bought the MPD32.'
    It is delivered Monday or Tuesday.
    I think Note Repeat and Tap Tempe are worth the extra 60 Euro.
    And I like the colour more.
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    If you really like pads, the MPD is much nicer than the MPK. The MPK has great keys, but not great pads.

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