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Thread: Does a Mac offer anything over a PC?

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    And for the record, i don't use Facebook ...but I have a Mac. I used facebook way back before the myspace sheep flocked over, but when they did I bounced out. Cheers.
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    I own a pc and it works fine. I've never owned a mac but from my understanding is that the only difference between the two is the os. Also windows have daw exclusives such as Fl studio and mac have exclusives such as logic but if you're using Reason it doesn't really matter which one you pick. However you are able to load windows on your mac with boot camp but running windows on a mac is pointless in my opinion. So at the end of the day it just depends on what daw and os you prefer. Specs is the greatest factor on running vsts and daws so as far as I'm concerned they should perform around the same if they have the same specs. I would actually recommend if you have extra money to spend on an i7 and 16GB and the price would still probably be lower than the i5 8GB mac. Unless you just got money to spend, prefer mac os, or just like the aesthetics of a mac I would go with pc.

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