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Thread: Curious about problem with my setup

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    Curious about problem with my setup

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    Hello, producer/beatmaker here. My equipment is as follows:

    Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen audio card
    Sony F120 amplifier
    Infinity Kappa 200 speakers

    My PC hardware:

    Intel Core Quad Q6600 3,0 GHz (clocked)
    4 GB RAM
    Radeon HD4870 PCS+ 1GB Graphics Card

    I think this is only relevant.

    So my problem is as follows:

    Sometimes all of the sudden sound coming to left speaker is tuned down, totally dissapears and/or is having pop's and crackling.

    I suspect there is latency that causes this but need someone more experienced to confirm it.

    Big clue in this whole story is this:

    When I take out chinch that comes from amp to speakers (left one), and then I take out the right one, and put the left back on and then right back on - everything suddenly works fine.

    Any advice?



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    Does this happen with headphones as well? If it does, have you tried listening from the Sony amp or straight from the Scarlett's headphone output? Have you tried replacing the cables? In these kind of scenarios it's often fairly easy to isolate the problem to a certain link in your listening chain - without having to spend money on actually replacing anything (except maybe cables).

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