I was recently gifted a Yamaha Motif XS8. It's a pretty complex digital piano to be honest and I'm really only trying to use it as a 'plug and play' device at this point in time. Coming from 'shove a mic in front of the piano', my experience in setting this system up is very limited. With that in mind, I've got a few questions that will hopefully get me on the right track:

1: Is it even possible to use the XS8 + Cubase to create a recording setup similar to more modern/simplistic systems like the Novation Launchkey + Abletone Live? Or am I completely off with the purpose of a keyboard like this?

2: If this is possible, how do I configure it? Having previously used a Novation Launchkey with Ableton, I was expecting to plug in the USB, scroll through some sound samples on my pc and record away! I've browsed through forums and YouTube demos on how to get the XS8 talking to Cubase via the USB output, but can't even see the XS8 in the 'input' list. I'd really appreciate a 'dummies how to' for this process!

3:If not, are there any other recommendations? I.e. different software/different connection cables/buy a cheap USB keyboard from JB HI FI and download Garage Band like everybody else