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Thread: Creating custom MIDI controllers

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    Lightbulb Creating custom MIDI controllers

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    Hey guys!

    I’m a student helping to create the Buttons project. With this project, we're creating a service for making custom (MIDI) controllers. Using an editor on our website, you will be able to design a controller that is perfect for you! You will be able to create stuff like the MIDI fighter or the Korg Nanokontrol, except that you will now be in full control of the product.

    Use any button or control element you like, as much you like! If you need five faders, not twenty, slap them on! If you need 60 faders… Design it, we will make it. Or at least, that is the plan. You will be able to create custom sized control panels in the editor, using any number of control elements like faders, knobs and buttons.

    You can assign custom functions to your buttons, but we’re trying to decide how far we want to take this customizability. Do people want to be able to assign only MIDI behavior, or key strokes and hotkeys too? Would you guys want to write your own custom code for the Arduino? How far would you be willing to go to make a controller made to fit? Do you want our editor to hold your hand, or do you want a totally tweakable tool?

    Let us know your thoughts in this thread! What kind of things would be important to you in a product like this? Would you want custom colors for your controller? What kind of buttons would you really like on your controller? Or do you just like the sound of Buttons? Please give us your opinion in this thread, or preferably here:

    buttons4.typeform . com/to/i7MKZx

    Remove the spaces for getting the link. I couldn't directly post a link with my new account Thanks in advance!
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