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Thread: Workflow for producers working between two computers (Main Computer & Laptop)

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    Workflow for producers working between two computers (Main Computer & Laptop)

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    Hi everyone, Im looking to simplify my workflow regarding hard drives and sample storage between two computers.

    Any advice, tips, and or recommendations on producing between two computers (Main Studio computer, and a mobile laptop) would be greatly appreciated. Even sharing how you manage to work between the two would be helpful.

    I have a great setup on my main Mac Pro 12 Core working on all internal drives. Im running Pro Tools 12 HDX and have no problem running sessions with 100ís of tracks. On my laptop Iím running PT12 as well and my sessions and samples on 2 external drives.

    Here is my issue. Whenever I update my sample library on my main computer I then have to transfer the files onto my laptops external drive. For example, whenever I update custom presets on Omnisphere I have to then export them or transfer the STEAM folder to keep the mobile drive updated. Same for many other synths and virtual instruments that I create custom presets or new audio samples for. Its very time consuming keeping my external drive and main drive in sync and up to date.
    Im wondering if I can run an external drive on my main mac and still have the same speed or be able to handle large sessions like I do with the internal drive.

    Same issue with sessions. If I do some edits on my laptop I then have to copy and overwrite the now old session on my main computer to continue working. Its doable but doesnt seem like the ideal workflow as Iím always having to transfer sessions rather than just working off of the same drive and keeping things organized.

    So ideally id be using an external to move between my laptop and main computer using the samples and virtual instruments that I want to use on both computers. That way I have only one and not two mediums I'm constantly trying to keep in sync. Im just worried that running say the R-Series G-Tech drive on USB3.0 will not be quick enough.

    Since Iím plugging into a Mac Pro 2010 Iím using USB 3.0 speeds and canít use the Thunderbolt 2 connection. Would this be powerful enough to run omnisphere on and other large virtual instruments?

    To some up everything, would switching to external drives for sessions and sample libraries be fast enough compared to the internal WD Black hard drives I'm using now.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Even if people want to share their hard drive setup and what works best for them. Thank you!

    My setup listed below for reference.

    Mac Pro Mid 2010
    MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
    Processor. 2 x 2.93 Ghz 6 Core Intel
    Memory 24GB

    Mac/System Drive
    1TB SSD Western Digital

    Pro Tools Sessions Drive
    1TB WD Caviar Black

    2 Drive for Samples and Virtual Instruments both WD Caviar Black Drives

    MacBook Pro 15inch Laptop Mid 2015
    Sierra 10.12.6
    Processor 2.8 Intel 7
    Memory 16GB

    External Drives:
    Pro Tools Sessions Drive:
    G-Tech 1tb SSD R-Series USB3.1 Type C
    Using the USB-C to USB3.1 connection

    Virtual Instruemnts/Samples:
    G-Tech ev ATC using Thunderbolt 2 connection

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    This is one of the reasons I like working in FL studio. If I'm working on a project on my laptop, all I need to so is save it as a FL zip file and it saves EVERYTHING. All samples I have loaded in Edison, all custom patches for all of the synths loaded, mixer settings, custom patches I've created for the fx plugins... absolutely everything. All I have to do when I get home is transfer a single file to my desktop and open it up in FL on the desktop and I'm working again.
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