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Thread: Plugins...PC vs MAC...32 vs 64 bit...?

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    Plugins...PC vs MAC...32 vs 64 bit...?

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    I understand that most of the core/name brand plugin manufacturers on the market...will always create multiple versions (VST, VST2, VST3, AU etc.) of their respective plugins so that they can cover a wide swath of people/customers out there, based on whether they are Mac or PC. While also offering their plugins as BOTH 32 and 64 bit.

    From what I can gather...

    1. PC has a bigger range of plugin manufacturers to choose from.
    2. Mac is more limited when it comes to plugin manufacturers.
    3. Small or 'niche' plugin manufacturers always seem to release PC (VST) versions of their plugins and rarely do they create a Mac version (AU).
    4. Most plugin manufacturers make 32 and 64 bit versions. But...there are some who only make 32...OR...64 bit only and not both. Therefore forcing some users to use a 3rd party plugin wrapper 'aka' JBridge, in order to use the 32/64 bit version that they don't have.

    So...when choosing to buy or upgrade a computer for music production...

    A. Should you base your decision upon whether a certain plugin manufacturer makes a version for the specific OS you are wanting to use...Mac (AU) or PC (VST)...?

    B. Should you base your decision upon whether a certain plugin manufacturer makes BOTH a 32 and 64 bit version...or...32/64 bit only...? Therefore forcing you thru the hassle of using something like JBridge...?

    Seems like having a windows/PC and 32 bit would offer the most 'variety' of plugin manufacturers. While on the other hand...It would seem like having a MAC and 64 bit...would be the most 'limiting' when it comes to plugin options/variety.

    Any suggestions and/or experiences would be appreciated.
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    There are certainly enough plugins for each and every platform. I wouldn't pick a 32-bit setup at this point as everything's mostly gone 64-bit already (MacOS will be completely dropping 32-bit support in the next OS release after High Sierra). Of course if your work somehow depends on a certain "niche 32-bit plugin", then well...get a 64-bit setup and use that JBridge.

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