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Thread: PC upgrade help

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    PC upgrade help

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    I recently got into music production and i'm just trying to learn as much as possible at the moment. I got myself studio monitors and a midi keyboard but i feel my pc is limiting my possibilities. I have an 7 year old pc, it is a Dell Vostro 400. The specs:

    Intel Core™2 Quad Q6600 (2.40GHz, 1066FSB, 8MB L2 cache)
    4GB of ram (but only 3GB get's recognized i think)
    500GB harddrive
    I can't recall my GPU atm but i don't think that is relevant.
    I can't recall my motherboard either but i know it supports 4GB ram max

    My question is can somebody help me upgrade my PC. My main use for the pc will be producing with FL Studio, but i was hoping i could use it for gaming too. My budget is around 500-600 Euros (i can spent more but i would only like to do that if it makes a significant difference). The producing is important, so if the budget is too low to make it also suitable for gaming then that's ok. (English is not my main language so sorry for mistakes).

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    It's a bit of an old thread, but I just accidentally stumbled upon it and noticed you got no replies - still need help?
    Are you looking into building the PC yourself or would you rather buy a prebuilt one? Also, desktop or laptop?

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