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Thread: A New DAW Laptop For ~1000$ or more. Recommendations?

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    A New DAW Laptop For ~1000$ or more. Recommendations?

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm into buying my 1st DAW Laptop. Would love some help.

    I would like to pay around $~1100 and my max is a lil' under $1500

    1) Performing live with Ableton Live. Using many VSTs as well live instruments.
    2) Recording/producing at home.

    I was thinking:
    1) Intel Quad Core processor
    2) 15" screen
    3) 8GB, preferably 16GB RAM
    4) At least 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD 7200 RPM (But also open to different combinations like 1tb ssd, or 512ssd + smthng....)
    5) at least 3 usb ports, preferably more
    6) Full HD resoultion at least
    7) Some dedicated graphics card.
    8) Important: Needs to be a reliable system that I can count on for live performence
    9) Of course the lighter it is the better, and the longer battery life it has the better. but the rest of the points are more important.

    Some Questions:
    *) What about noise? some of the gaming laptops i see which meet my specs have fierce-looking colling fans
    1) How can I tell if a laptop can have two hdds/ssds ? some laptops are great, but I'd like to add an additional hdd or ssd to them. then they would be ideal.
    2) is there a big differnce beweetn 6th/7th/8th gen cpus ? is a i5 8th gen > then i7 7th gen?
    3) which vendors/brands are recommended and from which I should stay away ?

    My Equipment:
    1) Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Audio Interface
    2) Some mics
    3) A midi controller
    4) Some cables

    Any tips, thoughts and also specific recommendations are very welcome!
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    Any thoughts?

    I was also wondering what would be the best laptop drive configuration?

    Would anyone recommend a touch screen? thought it might come in handy for live performences.

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