Ok, so iv had this usb interface for a couple of years, and used it with 2 different computers and its always been fine. now i just got a new laptop and im having massive latency problems and it keeps making weird sounds, like distorting anything that runds through it. Its ok for a few minutes, then the audio will be out of sync. If im using FL and i press a key to play a sound, it will come out on my headphones, speakers etc about 2-3 seconds later! and i tested it on youtube without even having FL open and it was ok then started going out of sync!

iv tried all 3 usb ports on this laptop and unistalled/reinstalled the drivers etc. what could the problem be!?

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right iv just tried it again, i had a song playing on soundcloud and a video on youtube, audio + video was in sync. even disabled the built in audio (realtek) and closed all realtek processes. Was ok or a few minutes but now its distorting every sound. But only on the usb soundcard. Re-enabled built in soundcard and the sound is clear. will try an old version of the driver

oh yeah running W7 64bit core i5 2.4ghz 8gb ram

every other usb device runs ok even transfering files for about half an hour! the only reason i got a new laptop because the usb ports in my old one stopped working! this is a brand new laptop so hardware should be ok

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after reverting back to an older driver 2.02 down from 2.03, i then upgraded the firmware to latest release on tascam website. Tested for about half an hour running FL9 youtube soundcloud etc and seems to have solved the problem!

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bump, problem has started again, tried latest firmware + drivers, tried older drivers. tried updating usb drivers on my laptop. no idea whats causing it!