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Thread: HDD Vs. SSD - best drive configuration for a new laptop?

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    HDD Vs. SSD - best drive configuration for a new laptop?

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    Hi all. I'm gonna be a new laptop this weekend and I was wondering what's the best drive configuration for it.

    I' recon I can only have a 2 drive configuration with a laptop since 3 or 4 like you can have with a desktop is rather cumbersome(But I'm open to suggestions).

    1) 1TB SSD
    2) 1 512 SSD + 1TB HD
    3) 1 small SSD for OS & apps + 512 SSD for eveything else ?
    4) other options?

    I need more that 512GB. that's for sure...

    Would love to hear your thoughts,

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    I have a 512GB SSD only Laptop that I use for production and it's phenomenal. My only problem is that 512GB is not enough space to hold all my info. I bought a 4TB external HDD and it's been getting the job done. Sometime in the future I will upgrade my laptop to the 1TB SSD 960 evo. thats a $470 upgrade.

    With that being said, I would suggest getting a laptop with ONLY a SSD with a size no less than 512GB. Once you have gone SSD and enjoyed the speed, it will be impossible for you to go back to a HDD. If you have the money now, then go the route of 1TB SSD and be happy. if you don't have the money then get a 512GB SSD and use an external HDD for big files.

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